The Boston of 2030 is a vastly different place. Taking aside the progress of technology and culture, in 2020 the Great Quake devastated a long list of coastal cities on both sides of the Atlantic. Parts of Boston were simply gone, dragged down beneath the waves, while old buildings still jut out of the water.
However, Boston recovered. While parts are still under the water, the reconstruction effort essentially revitalized the faltering economy, and the city is rapidly approaching double its old size.

Transportation is generally a mix of public transit (busses, the new metro lines, walking) and personal transportation, though given the absurdly high cost of parking downtown, most people just take the transit.

A key part of the reconstruction effort was to create a new dock area, and allow easy access. Since the old core of the town was mostly under water now, the new Atlantic Boulevard was constructed, connecting a new dock situated on an artificial island on open water, directly to the city core and the highways. Commute between the city core and the docks doesn’t take more than ten minutes on a good day, though during storm warnings, the road is usually closed.

To this day though, along the lines of the Atlantic Boulevard, a large area of ruins remains.


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