Bainbridge Commune

Situated south of the docks and on the west side of the Atlantic Boulevard is the small area of the Bainbridge commune, a walled off area built between three partially damaged buildings that were restored during the rebuilding of the city.

The commune consists of three buildings, a concrete dock, as well as a central area connecting them. The entrance is wide enough to accept transport trucks, but by communal agreement, is kept locked at night.
Officially, no one presides over the commune, but unofficially, most decisions get input from Lenard Vilchis, the bartender and owner of the Sunken City, the local pub and diner, whether he wants to or not.

The population consists of a mix of workers who arrived to help build the docks, workers who are now employed there, refugees who moved in after the quake, and a few others who found the cheap real estate to be rather convenient. A mixture of cultures is present, but so far in the seven years it has existed there hasn’t really been any tension between the locals.

The “Sunken City”
The local pub and diner sees a lot of traffic from the locals, but the good food and booze seems to attract people in transit between city core and the main docks.
While outside it looks fairly ramshackle, the walls of the old building crumbling in places, strong support pillars show otherwise, there is a dark red wooden sign proclaiming it to be the Sunken City, situated above the entrance.
The interior is in a far better condition. The walls are covered with solid wood panels, the old structure of the ground floor of the building providing a comfortable environment. In the back, the wall has been entirely removed, and a balcony of sorts overlooks the sea as well as the ruined and new Boston.
The Sunken City offers breakfast and dinner, the first being a choice between a traditional English and Continental breakfast, while dinner seems to change every night depending on what’s available. Tea(black), coffee (turkish, filter) and water are on offer, as well as several varieties of draft beer, and scotch.
Aside for Lenard Vilchis, the pub employs several others. A cook, who rarely leaves the kitchen, and a few servers, their number varying depending on the number of customers.
The Esoteria
Moored at the small dock, “The Esoteria” is, while rather old, a very well maintained ship. At some point in the past probably a small yacht, most of its interior has been converted into a shop of sorts, selling various exotic tidbits.
The deck has several lanterns attached at convenient points, and the store seems empty, and closed, during the day. During the night though, a gangplank is lowered to the dock, and the lanterns are lit while the proprietess, Maiko, welcomes customers with an enigmatic smile
The interior of the ship-shop is a bit cramped, and the many shelves contain a selection of things that serve no obvious purpose, through she also sells therapeutic teas, oils and medicine.
For a select clientele though, she offers a small selection of magical goods, though if asked about them directly, she will ignore it.
Normally, The Esoteria travels between several communes and is present at Bainbridge on Mondays and Fridays.

A long concrete path leading out to the northwest, the small dock constructed for the populace of Bainbridge commune serves to bring in food and supplies that are easier to transport via water, rather than by the crowded Atlantic Boulevard. While not particularly large, it’s sufficiently wide to transport everything needed, as well as to support docking on both sides, though since the water tends to get dangerous, very few people dock there for extended periods of time.
At the far end of the dock stands a small shed, used mostly for storage as well as for controlling the two signal lights standing atop it and helping people dock easier. A serviceman visits once a week.

Bainbridge Commune

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